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Official Tourism Portals

Hungarian National Tourist Office

Budapest, Balaton, gastronomy, culture, spa culture, active holiday. General information, regions, online booking, highlights, brochures, multimedia, e-card, weather. - Hungarian Tourism Board

Website of the Hungarian National Tourist Office New York: Regions of Hungary, History and Culture, Land of Healing Waters, Routes to your Roots, Calendar of Events, Latest on Hungary, General Information, What To Do, Discover Hungary - Itineraries, Tours & Packages, Useful Links, Online Brochures, Frequently Asked Questions

Tourinform - Tourist Information

Tourinform's helpdesk employees are pleased to inform you, also in foreign languages, about accommodation, restaurants, transport, programmes, attractions and services in the local, religional or national perspective. Tourinform offices distribute free brochures, sell maps, guidebooks, tourist card, picture postcards, local programmes, accommodation and tickets for a range of different events. You can find Tourinform offices in more than 140 different places all over Hungary.

Hungarian Tourist Office in Northern Europe

Ungerska Turistbyrån i Norden: The site is available in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish languages.

Budapest Tourism Office

Official touristical website of Budapest. General information: getting here, Budapest public transport, currency exchange, post offices, in emergency case. Sights: thermal baths, museums, sightseeing tours, churches and ecclesiastical collections, caves, thematical sightseeing tours, sightseeing from the number 2 tram. Culture: museums, theatres, stepping in cultural paths, exhibitions, libraries, special events. City of spas: spa and wellness, swimming pools and lidos, major fitness clubs. Free time: Hungarian cuisine, Hungarian wines, coffee houses, cake shops, parks, for children, shopping, sport, night life, gay and lesbian Budapest. Around Budapest: Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom, Százhalombatta, Martonvásár, Fót, Gödöllő. Event of Budapest , Budapest Card, hotel reservation, city sightseeing, hotel package offers, gastronomy, car hire.

Virtual Guide Book of Balaton Region

Homepage of the Balaton Regional Touristic Project Office: The aim of the editors of the Balaton guide book is to give an insight for the visitors into the history of Lake Balaton , the wonders of its nature , the secrets of the region’s health-resorts, the sport and fittness facilities for tourists, the mystery of Balaton’s gastronomy, especially wine and the art of cooking - to mention the most important themes. Besides the areas mentioned above, you can find useful information about sights of interest, beaches, spas, nature, excursions, recreation, holiday-making, wellness, health-resorts, museums, folklore and cycling.

Homepage of South Transdanubia

This region embraces almost every type of Hungarian landscape. On the banks of the Danube, Dráva and the Mura, which flow on the eastern and southern frontier of the region, there are plains similar to the Great Hungarian Plain. Rolling hills are the most characteristic elements of the gentle Pannonian landscape. They create the typical Transdanubian panorama with their gentle slopes covered with forests and broken up with valleys. The two mountain "islands" of the region, the Mecsek and the mountain of Villány, are favourite tourist destinations as they preserve protected geological and botanical rarities. Homepage of the Hungarian National Tourist Office South Transdanubian Regional Marketing Office: Programmes, Accommodation, Brochures, Travel agencies, Maps, Transport.

Central Transdanubia Portal

Central Transdanubia: The region stretches from the Danube to Lake Balaton with the enchanting countryside of the ancient block-mountain range of Transdanubia in the northwest, divided here into the Gerecse, the Vértes and the Bakony Hills. As we journey through the hills we can admire the splendid natural treasures and historic monuments, as well as small villages nestling in the valleys. River valleys, low basins, and gently rolling hilly areas make up the countryside, so varied in its geographical and climatic attributes, history and population. Hungarian National Tourist Office Central Danubien Regional Marketing Directorate: Accomodations, gastronomy, winetourism, villagetourism, sights, horse-riding, ecotourism. The site is also available in Slovak language.

Northern Hungary Tourism Portal

Northern Hungary: If we stop at the highest peak of Hungary, at the 1014-meter high Kékestető and we look down on the land below us, we can see a wonderful view. Mountain peaks covered with forests line up as far as the horizon and basins eroded by rivers lie among them. We seem to see rows of wine-plants on the gentle slopes and the steeples glimmering through the distance indicate the workmanship of men. Homepage of Hungarian National Tourist Office North Hungary Regional Marketing Directorate: Wine and Gastronomy, Health Tourism, Village Tourism, Castles, Towns and Cultures, World Heritage, Activity Holidays. The site is also available in Slovak language.

Northern Great Plain Portal

The North Plains: The picturesque beauty of the rivers, the table-top smoothness of the open plains, the green, marshy, flat nature preserves, the arboretums filled with bountiful, lush plant life - all this will you find in the North Plains. At the same time, you will find Roman-era small churches replete with beautiful belfries, as well as baroque churches which break towards the sky. 5-star hotels or smart little peasant houses with the traditional Hungarian hospitality are here for those who come from near or far. Homepage of the Hungarian National Tourist Office Northern Great Plain Regional Marketing Directorate offers information about: museums, natural resources, sights, spa baths, spa hotels, hospitality, accommodations, rural tourism, castle hotels, event venues, riding, wine cellars. The site is also available in Russian, Slovak and Polish languages.

Lake Tisza Portal

Lake Tisza: A few dacades ago people had an extraordinary idea, and conjured up a lake right in the middle of the steppe, the Great Hungarian Plain. This extraordinary area of 127 square kms, created by damming the River Tisza, was given the name Lake Tisza. We rightly called it extraordinary because it is not even strictly speakin a lake, because of the river current that flows through it. At some spots, where we see the sailboats and windsurfers skimming over the choppy waters, or the colourful cavalcade of guesthouses and restaurants, or when we hear the merry hubbub of bathers, we could imagine ourselves at a smaller brother of the Balaton. Homepage of the Lake Tisza Regional Tourist Project Office: 7 good reasons for visiting Lake Tisza, eco-tourism, fishing, holiday on the beach, thermal baths and spas, bicycle tourism, horse-riding, village tourism, ideas for adventures. The site is also available in Polish and Slovak languages.

Southern Great Plain Portal

Southern Great Plain: Whoever you are, a hiker, an angler or a cyclist, the impressions you get here will be enshrined in your memory forever if you visit the local national parks and nature protection areas: Gemenc (a part of the Danube-Drava National Park), the Kiskunság National Park, the areas of the Körös-Maros National Park, the majestic current of the River Danube and the �blond� stream of the River Tisza, the unique avian habitat of Lake Fehér and Lake Kolon, the sand dunes of Kiskunság (the Fülöpháza mounds) or the Szarvas Arboretum (known as Pepi Gardens). The area between the rivers Danube and Tisza and the land surrounding the Körös rivers offer several well-developed holiday resorts (such as Mártély, Szanazug, the inlet of the River Körös at Csongrád, etc.), where you will enjoy good quality services and aquatic sport opportunities. Hunters and anglers can indulge in their passions in areas licensed to cater for them. Homepage of the Hungarian National Tourist Office Southern Plain Regional Marketing Directorate: active tourism, conference and event tourism, cultural and heritage tourism, ecotourism, gastronomic- and wine tourism, health tourism, rural tourism, water tourism, youth tourism. The site is also available in Romanian and Serbian languages.

Nógrád County Tourism Portal

Travel tips — Active vacation: riding, hunting; Culture: sights, castles, museums, manor-houses, natural resources; Gastronomy: wine-cellars, hospitality; Accommodations: Castle hotels, hotels, pensions; Business travel: eventhall centers, hotels. Destination — localities, cities, villages, rivers. Events. Virtual roaming. Picture Gallery.

Gyenesdiás Tourinform

Gyenesdiás is one of the most popular resorts on the north shore of Lake Balaton, 100 kilometers away from the western border of Hungary, 15 km from the Fly Balaton Airport, and situated at the foot of Keszthely Mountains. On the website you can find accommodation, information, attractions, programs, and everything to know about the community.